Superhero Origin Programme – Fat Loss (24 Week)


If you want to build a body like a Superhero, but are fed up with BS fitness plans that:

✘ Leave you exhausted and hating your workouts…
✘ Tell you to cut out all your favourite foods…
✘ Are unsustainable and have you falling off track…
✘ Don’t get you noticeable results!

then The Superhero Origin Programme is right for you!

Over the 12 week period, I will personally coach you in building a Strong, Lean & Muscular physique that doesn’t require you to give up your entire social life!

What’s included in the programme?

✓ A customised workout plan built around you and your lifestyle.
✓ Personalised nutrition targets (calorie & macros) based on your goal.
✓ No strict list of foods! We use your current eating habits, and tweak things as you move through the plan.
✓ Weekly check-ins and adjustments (if needed) to keep you on track.
✓ Option to book 10-15 minute check-in calls.
✓ Ongoing Support via Aulo messaging (24hr response time).

After completing check out, I will be in touch and ask you to complete a quick questionnaire (This helps me build you the perfect plan!).

From here, we will arrange a quick phone call to discuss your goals a bit more. This also lets us get to know each other a little before we start working together on your 12 week programme.

If you have any other questions, feel free to head over to my profile and drop me a message!

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About Me:

Hi, I'm Harry and my goal is to help men build lean, strong, and muscular bodies that resemble superheroes. My approach to coaching revolves around creating a plan that challenges you, is enjoyable, and fits within your lifestyle so that you can get a great body without sacrificing other areas of your life. Take a look at the plans I have on offer, and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!  


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