One Off Extreme Muscle Building


This is a 5 day split routine, 1 – 2 muscle groups daily with no longer than 1 hour of heavy, intense training. This will entail a lot of compound training, forced reps, drop sets and negatives and will get you in the shape of your life!

This plan will include macros guidance for your nutrition.

I personally used this training regime for 5 years and put on 3 stone of muscle in that time!

This one off plan does not include check ins but I will answer any initial questions or queries you have about it. For weekly progress check ins check out my 12 week or 26 week programs.

About Me:

What does personal training mean to me? Well it's personal and intentional between myself and my client. Each client has a different goal in mind and my job as your body transformation coach is to make you reach your potential and physical desired goal. Qualifications: Level 2 Fitness Instructing Level 3 Personal Training Body Transformation Coach Trained under former 7x NABBA NI Bodybuilding Champion


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