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I’m a coach or I’m interested in becoming an AULO coach

Clients Frequently Asked Questions

A: Aulo is a platform for clients to find their perfect online coach to help them reach their fitness goals which features an online messaging system for keeping in touch and updating your coach as you progress through your plan. For a detailed explanation of how the website works please head to our “How It Works” section at

A: At Aulo we give you access to personal trainers and nutritionists from all around the world at different price points, with different specialties to suit your needs and get you the perfect coach to help you achieve your fitness goals whilst matching your budget and giving you extra security over your purchase should you not be happy.

A: That will depend from coach to coach. Since the plans will be custom built for you it can take up to a week on average but your coach will be in touch once they have your order to let you know exact timescales.

A: This is why we’re here! Should for some reason you haven’t heard from your coach within 2-3 days to confirm they have your order and discuss timescales further please contact our customer service team and we can contact your coach to get an update and make sure they haven’t missed your order. If we cannot reach them either we can transfer your order to an alternative coach or organise a refund.

A: Unfortunately as all plans are custom built and the coach will have put considerable time into building this for you refunds are not available, but this is at the coach’s discretion. However if you have a genuine grievance with the coach please contact our customer service team who will be happy to resolve it for you. We do have a review system in place for all coaches so you can read their previous client’s testimonials ahead of purchasing. All coaches offer a money back guarantee on 12 week plans if you don’t get the results they promised after 30 days, providing you have implemented the training. Some may offer this on all plans however that will differ from coach to coach and is at their discretion.

A: We would encourage you not to. Our reason for this is should you have a grievance with your coach we can only accept conversations as evidence that have been used through our internal messaging system so we may view them unaltered. But it is up to the client and coach how they would like to communicate. However as stated we can only help with any grievances if communication has been conducted through Aulo.

A: No, Aulo is for purchasing online coaching only. If this was a feature that we were repeatedly asked for we may look at it in the future.

A: All Aulo coaches must apply to be on the website they cannot just create an account. Once we receive their application we review the coach’s background like any potential employer would to be sure they have the qualifications they claim. We also have a review system for our coaches so you will be able to see what their previous clients who have used them through Aulo think of them.

A: Yes! You can purchase the plan in multiple popular currencies from around the world so don’t fret if you are an American buying off a British coach, the coach may have set the price in GBP but you can pay in USD and there will be no exchange rate charges on your card as we will give you the price converted live on our website for you to pay in your local currency.

A: Yes please contact us at for any further questions or queries you may have and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Coaches Frequently Asked Questions

A: Aulo is an online platform that will allow you to sell your online coaching services globally and provides you a professional messaging system for which to interact with your clients through, you needn’t use your Gmail account for emailing clients any more! We will also provide you with your own URL so you can advertise your Aulo webpage wherever and whenever you like. For a detailed explanation of how the website works please head to our “How It Works” section at

A: At Aulo we wanted to keep subscription costs to a minimum as we are very aware you will likely have gym rent etc. amongst other monthly outgoings to pay so our monthly subscription is only 9.99GBP a month and we take a 25% commission of every plan you sell. In theory you sell 1-2 plans (depending on the price you set) and your subscription costs for the year are already covered. There will be a 90 day free trial for all new accounts so you can try us out first.

A: Yes! We have “Vacation Mode” so should you find you are too busy or you are taking time off you can turn on vacation mode in your settings and you will not appear on the site again until you turn it off. Your subscription will still be due in vacation mode.

A: We would recommend that you don’t, however how you communicate with your client is totally up to you. In the event you have a grievance taken out against you from the customer we can only take evidence of conversations that have taken place if they are on our internal messaging system and we can view them unaltered. So we would advise only communicating through Aulo.

A: At present you can offer “One Off Plans” to give you the option of not keeping in touch with the client after you have provided the plan and 6, 8, 12 and 24+ week plans where you may want to offer weekly check ins and alter the client’s plan from month to month. Should we receive constant feedback asking for other timescales to be added we will review. Once you have decided on the length of the plan you can decide whether your plan covers the following areas: Weight Loss, Muscle Development, Cardio & Nutrition. For example you may only offer a plan that is designed for helping a client increase strength and muscle mass but you have no nutrition knowledge so you could offer a 12 week muscle development plan only or you may be a nutritionist who just wants to offer meal plans that don’t involve any weight or cardiovascular training.

A: No there is no restriction providing our website is available in your country. You must set the price of your plan in GBP however fear not when you are entering the price there is a currency converter there so you know what you will receive in your local currency. When you set up your Stripe account you can request what currency you want to be paid in.

A: An Aulo app is currently in development amongst other future features we want to implement, should you have any ideas or feedback please don’t hesitate to recommend features you would like to see in the future at In the meantime until an app is created to save us to your home screen on your phone and use the site like an app for convenience when messaging your clients, open us in your web browser, tap your options button and tap “Add to Home Screen”.

A: Incredibly easy! Our system works through Stripe so once the customer’s funds have cleared your payment should come through to Stripe almost instantly. Stripe normally takes around 5 working days to put the money in your bank account, but you will be able to view all your payments on your Stripe dashboard almost right away.

A: In this scenario it is up to yourself, as per T&C’s the customer will agree to there is no refund for this very reason. If you have provided the customer with timelines as to when they will get their plan and you are meeting those timelines there is no reason for a refund and you should finish the plan and send it to them ASAP. Please feel free to send them to our customer service team who will look for a resolution and ensure that all correspondence has taken place through our messaging system so we may review.

A: Yes please contact us at for any further questions or queries you may have and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

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